Adventure Series

Every week for a year, 2OG Games will publish a two-hour adventure. When woven together they craft a year-long campaign that will see parties cross vast distances, discover ancient mysteries, fight powerful enemies and, in the end, impact the world they are playing in.

Each weekly adventure will have optional scenarios. Each group plays at a different pace, we want to make sure that there is enough content for at least 2 hour but enough so that some groups might take 3-4 hours per adventure. Through storytelling and creativity, we don’t railroad groups along a single path, but instead use a multi-path approach to account for the most common outcomes to many of the situations, what we call Pivot Points.

Interested DMs can join us on Patreon. When we hit our first earning goal, we will begin releasing the adventures every week. Additionally, we will also publish the Tuboluk Gazetteer which will offer further background reading about the realm for DMs who have more time to prep and have longer game sessions.

The Realms of Tuboluk