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Do Diligence – Sins & Virtues Book 1


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The Deadly Sins, the incestuous, backstabbing, dysfunctional supernatural “family”, are center stage along with their diametrically opposed siblings, the Heavenly Virtues in all their perfect goodness. When Diligence goes missing, the Virtues instantly suspect that the Sins are involved and so begin investigating his disappearance. But all is not as it seems and their usual suspects are apparently not involved, yet a more sinister plot is afoot. The Wizards of Renown, a small collection of Humans who have managed to harness the power of the Ley universe as “magic” are implementing some evil plan that threatens to unravel the very fabric of Humanity and destroy both this universe and the other. But the real question is, who is pulling their strings from the shadows?

Author: Christophor Rick

Prior to finding some success with The Salty Funnel, Christophor also tried his hand at novel writing. This is the third novel he published, first in the Sins & Virtues series.

These are being fulfilled by Christophor himself and so he has stated that he will sign them all before shipping them out.


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