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Foundations (The Journey of Why Book 1)


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For generations, the Product has been dug out of the ground, packed up and placed in Storage Wagons, to be carried away by the Locomotor.

The asking of questions gets one ‘disappeared’ often, never to be seen again. But with so many questions needing to be asked how could one not?

Myranda, 12-year-old troublemaker, finally asks one too many questions and gets sent to Administration. This is the first step in a journey that will unravel the fabric of her world. What is the Product? Where does the Trainway take it and most importantly, Why?

Author: Christophor Rick

Prior to finding some success with The Salty Funnel, Christophor also tried his hand at novel writing. This is the third novel he published, first in the Sins & Virtues series.

These are being fulfilled by Christophor himself and so he has stated that he will sign them all before shipping them out.


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