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Sinking the Stercorarius Character Sheets & New Classes




These character sheets were designed with the nautical theme of the Salty Funnel 0 Level Adventure, Sinking the Stercorarius, in mind. There are two distinct designs in one-up and four-up versions.

The Wheel

These were made to give some flair to the 0-level characters for the Salty Funnel.

Warklaw’s Hand-drawn Character Sheets

Warklaw went above and beyond during the Kickstarter and crafted this unique character sheet which took more of the Salty Funnel visual elements and made a truly amazing product.

New Classes

Salty Survivor

The harrowing experience of The Stercorarius sinking, the devastated island, Aether Raiders, and the Star Jaeger has changed you forever. Things have a certain sheen to them now. Tentacles, telepathy, inter-terrestrial travel? Been there, done that. All of this mind-altering experience has made you a unique human. Exposure to things so far outside the realm of what normal used to be means you will never see the world quite the same way. You have swum for your life, you have experienced beings completely alien to your planet, perhaps universe. You have fought against creatures who require hosts to operate their technology. Along the way, you’ve learned a thing or two about them, their tech, and their travels.

The Unharvested

Being dominated by an Aether Recruiter and brought back to yourself, of your own will or through the actions of others, has left you touched in a way that is difficult to explain to others. It has also gifted you with several special abilities. These are left over effects of the recruiter attachment and your mind being assimilated into the hivemind of the Aether Raiders.

Planned Updates

This product will see a few updates in July, 2020 including full sheets for the 2 new classes we’ve created. Once all the sheets are made we will also create form-fillable PDF versions for them all. Also expected in July, 2020.

When the new class sheets are ready we’ll also bundle in those classes with this package.

Later, these will get bundled into a deluxe PDF and POD version of the adventure.


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