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Sinking the Stercorarius Adventure (PDF+Print)


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Sinking the Stercorarius Salty Funnel

You’ll get a 48-page, high quality print copy and a PDF digital copy of the adventure.
Welcome to the first Multi-Adventure-Theme System module. MATS henceforth. The goal is to give some flexibility and replayability to these adventures. In each MATS module we’ll include several themes so a single module can be used for several groups or even reused for a single group. We also feel that some great role-playing potential could come from splitting a group across the themes. As always, everything is at the Judge’s discretion.

Salty Funnel Sinking the Stercorarius front cover

The characters are on a ship. Normally, this is where the pirates would show up, but that’s so blasé and we have other plans for that theme. It seems that Guido, captain of the Stercorarius, to maximize profit on the trip, took on some secret cargo from shadowy clients in purple robes with strange symbols on them. A dozen crates that may have been leaking some sort of slime. They paid quite well! What could go wrong? The answer should have been “EVERYTHING!” and would have been had he asked First Mate Skubagai. He didn’t, and now, the ship is in trouble.

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