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Sinking the Stercorarius PDF+Print Judge’s Screen


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The Sinking the Stercorarius Judge’s Screen is a classic 3-panel 8.5×11″ portrait orientation. It will be delivered as a PDF and as a physical judge’s screen shipped to you. This is a pre-retail 10% discount that runs until the end of June, 2020.

Delivery will be July, 2020.

Sinking the Stercorarius Judge's Screen exterior

Tables included inside are:

  • Nautical Terms for Land Lubbers
  • Floating Debris
  • Weapon First Activation Chart (explained in the adventure)
  • New Unique Weapons & Stats
  • Two tables for found equipment, used during the 1st part of Adventure.
  • Table 4-2: Fumbles
  • Crit Table I: All 0-Level Characters and All Wizards
  • Difficulty levels for skill checks
  • Single Action Activities

Salty Funnel Judge's Screen


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