Quick Crawl Two-Hour Tales

DCC Quick Crawls – Two-Hour Tales

The Salty Funnel starts with Sinking the Stercorarius and continues with Behold! The Aethernauts Rise! This sets the party up with a ship and a set of officers that can run day-to-day operations on the ship, or they can take part in it if they wish. After that, groups can play through the Quick Crawl series, DCC Quick Crawls: Salty Funnel Two-Hour Tales in any order.

Find these in 2OG Quick Crawls Two-Hour Tales of Adventure!

We will release the Quick Crawls as they are completed. These Two-Hour Tales of Adventure are designed to be run in, well, two hours. Though in playtesting we sometimes run closer to 3 and every group’s pace will vary.

Quick Crawls are perfect for in-person or online play and include maps and tokens to facilitate that. Additionally, the Two-Hour Tales work well online as we have found that people begin to fade or lose focus after around 2.5-3 hours. These DCC Quick Crawls, as we call them, will be PDFs only.

The Two-Hour Tales run about 2,500-3,000 words. Each will have at least one map, several tokens and a complete three-part adventure. All NPCs will have a Strategy section so Judges get insight into how they act and fight. We will break out all new spells, creatures and items into reference cards. This will help the Judge run the Two-Hour Tales by giving them all the info they need for each specific encounter in the Quick Crawl.

Additionally, each Quick Crawl leads into longer campaigns after the Two-Hour Tale with our Further Adventures section which gives ideas on how to continue along a specific story line. Later Two-Hour Tales can be dropped in as side quests or events in between major campaign action.

The first Two-Hour Tale has been released, Ziggurat of the Mega-Maiden is available in our online shop now.